QxVDI VMware Edition-HC FAQ

What is QxVDI VMware Edition-HC?

QxVDI VMware Edition-HC(High Computing), or QxVDI-HC is a pre-validated optimized hyper-converged appliance powered by VMware Horizon software. This solution uses a 2U 4-node server to create an easy-to-deploy building block for Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC). QxVDI-HC natively integrates compute and storage resources into a hyper-converged infrastructure, it offers exceptional Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) user experience with ease of management.

What is hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI)? Why should I adopt HCI?

Hyper-converged infrastructure refers to the innovative technology that integrates compute, storage and virtualization into a single x86-based system. By adopting hyper-converged infrastructure, users could rely on single vendor. QCT’s pre-validated and pre-configured design drastically reduces the cost and complexity of traditional infrastructure.

What is SDDC?

SDDC extends the concept of virtualization, including abstraction, pooling and automation. It is the abbreviation of software- defined data center, which contains of compute virtualization, software-defined storage and network virtualization. The infrastructure is virtualized from hardware, delivered as a service through software and shares the same resource pool.

What is Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)? Why should I adopt virtualization?

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure refers to the process of running applications in a user desktop inside a virtual machine that lives on a centralized server in the data center. Desktop virtualization enhances data security, delivers consistent performance, and radically simplifies management across devices and location.

What benefits does QxVDI-HC bring?

QxVDI-HC is a turnkey solution that delivers simple management, reliability, agility and high deployment efficiency with a hyper-converged infrastructure.

It is a hyper-converged VDI appliance for compute-intensive private cloud. With VMware Horizon software, QxVDI -HC enables unified management on end-user computing. Besides, it provides elasticity to grow compute and storage resources by adding new systems to meet various business demand. It is a scalable software-defined data center building block providing agility on expanding VDI service without downtime.

What is the software stack in QxVDI-HC?

QxVDI-HC comes with pre-loaded with VMware Horizon 7 and QCT Auto Deployment Manager, which are capable of simplifying deployment and management.

What is the offering of QxVDI-HC?

 QxVDI -HC is built with one 2U 4-node high-density server to optimize the performance. To fulfill the workload demand, QxVDI -HC provides the capabilities of using compute, and storage resources serving as a common pool and delivers pay-as-you-grow agility to your VDI deployment.

Can the qualified server nodes be used with any of the qualified networking switches?

QCT provides customers with optional pre-validated network switches. Recommend to choose QuantaMesh switches for QxVDI VMware Edition-HC appliance. For more different demand, please visit website to see more switch products.

How long does it take to deploy a VDI environment?

QCT Auto Deployment Manager greatly simplify the deployment of a VDI environment. The entire process can be completed in a few steps and takes approximately 60 minutes.

How many users does QxVDI-HC support? What is the VDI profile?

QxVDI-HC has the capability to support up to 300 users (VDI profile: 2 vCPU 2GB RAM) or 200 VDI users (VDI profile: 2 vCPU 4GB RAM).

What is the difference between QxVDI VMware Edition-HC, QxVDI VMware Edition-OA, QxVDI VMware Edition-3D and QxVDI powered by VMware Cloud Foundation?

QCT offers QxVDI series to meet various workload demand. QxVDI VMware Edition-HC/QxVDI powered by VMware Cloud Foundation meet the demand for compute-intensive workloads, such as lab room, ROBO and large office., while QxVDI VMware Edition-OA is suitable for office application workload. As for QxVDI VMware Edition-3D is designed for special compute or graphic design needs.

What is the difference between QxVDI VMware Edition-HC and QxStack VMware Edition-HC?

QxVDI VMware Edition-HC is pre-installed with VMware Horizon 7 for VDI environment while QxStack VMware Edition-HC is embedded with vSphere, VSAN and vCenter for IaaS infrastructure. Both of the solutions are pre-validated and pre-configured.

Who should adopt QxVDI-HC?

QxVDI-HC is a great appliance for those who care about security, flexible scalability, and high-performance. Powered by VMware Horizon 7, QxVDI-HC greatly simplifies operation and accelerate time-to-value by allowing users to manage multiple desktops through a single platform. It is specifically designed for compute-intensive workloads in large office, R&D lab, and ROBO (Remote Office and Branch Office) environments. Customers from SMBs, healthcare as well as financial industry often find QxVDI-HC an appliance ideal for their needs.

How would I purchase QxVDI-HC? How could I request a demo or a Proof of Concept (PoC)?

Get started by contacting QCT representatives or sent inquiry via QCT worldwide solution centers provides the pre-validated environment to ensure the compatibility of hardware platform and software stack. A well-prepared environment will set up for customer to remotely log in for trial.

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