What is included in the QuantaMesh Network Operating System (QNOS)?

The QuantaMesh Network Operating System (QNOS) is designed for data center networking focus. It has rich layer 2 and layer 3 features with an "industry standard" command line interface (CLI). It has large a L2 and L3 forwarding capacity and features including OSPF and BGP, enabling a Leaf-and-Spine fabric architecture. It also has extensive features to address the rapidly growing scale of the data center network deployment and computing application. The features include numerous multipaths and tunneling technologies such as the ECMP, VXLAN, and OpenFlow Software-Defined Networking (SDN).

Product Model
QuantaMesh T5032-LY6 QuantaMesh BMS T5032-LY6 QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY9 QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY8 QuantaMesh BMS T3048-LY2R