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Find your products

  • QuantaMicro X11C-8N

    Scale-out multiple streams of parallel workload server.

    • Ideal for scale-out deployment
    • Space and Energy Efficient, driving down hosting TCO
    • High efficiency and manageability
    • Versatile high-density Microserver suited for a variety of applications
    • Flexible network bandwidth option
  • QuantaMicro X10E-9N

    Driving Down Hosting TCO with the QuantaMicro Series

    • New Generation Platform with Performance Enhancement
    • Embedded Switches to Lower Network Per Port Cost
    • Space-saving Ultra-dense Chassis Design
    • Multi-functional Serviceability
  • STRATOS S910-X31E (9-Node)

    High Density and Energy Efficient 3U Microserver

    • Ideal for Dedicated Hosting, Big Data Workloads, Content Delivery Network (CDN)...etc.
    • Space and Energy Efficient
    • Simplified Design & High Serviceability
  • STRATOS S910-X31B (9-Node)

    Extremely Low Power, High Density 3U Microserver

    • Ideal for dedicated hosting, front-end web, content delivery networks (CDN), and cloud computing
    • High density and simplicity
    • High efficiency and manageability
  • STRATOS S900-X31A

    Extremely Low Power, High Density 3U Microserver

    • High Density and Simplicity
    • Mageability
    • Everything Goes Efficient