Service & Warranty


Welcome and thank you for being a part of our family. As a prominent cloud hardware solution provider, we proudly stand behind our products by offering our customers the highest level of professional support services.

To ensure we provide consistent service and support to all over our customers, QCT provides warranty services through our network of authorized resellers or direct customers. If you’re an end-user/in-direct customer of QCT, please contact your original seller for warranty details and support.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

Basic Hardware Warranty

Quanta Cloud Technology (“QCT”) warrants that all QCT-branded hardware products purchased in the U.S. with Basic Hardware Warranty shall be free from material manufacturing and materials defects under conditions of normal use for a period of three (3) years from QCT’s invoice date.

During the limited warranty period, QCT may, at its discretion, repair or replace the defective parts. Repair or replacement parts may be new, repaired, or equivalent to new in performance and reliability. Replaced or repaired parts are warranted to be free of defects in material or workmanship for ninety (90) calendar days or, for the remainder of the limited warranty period of the product, whichever is longer.

  • Other Products Warranty Terms

Products with Special Pricing Agreement (“SPA”) and/or Service Level Agreement (“SLA”) shall apply special warranty terms indicated in each specific purchase orders’ contract; and shall supersede the warranty terms set forth above of the Basic Hardware Warranty.

  • Warranty Exclusions

QCT warranty will not apply to or be valid under conditions below:

  1. The serial number of QCT product or component has been removed or damaged.
  2. Any product defect rendered as a result of accident, misuse, abuse, contamination, improper or inadequate maintenance or calibration or other external causes.
  3. Any failure caused by virus infection, third party software, interfacing, parts or supplies that are not supplied by QCT.
  4. Any damage caused by improper site preparation or maintenance or use under abnormal conditions.
  5. Loss or damage in transit.
  6. The product has been modified or serviced by non-authorized personnel.
  7. Any damage to or loss of any personal data, programs, or removable storage media.
  8. The restoration or reinstallation of any data or programs except the software installed by QCT when the product is manufactured.
  9. Any consumable parts, such as, but not limited to, battery or protective coating that is diminished over time, unless the failure has occurred during DOA period, such failure caused by QCT’s material or workmanship.
  10. Any cosmetic damage, such as, but not limited to, scratches, dents, broken plastics, metal corrosion, or mechanical damage unless the failure has occurred during DOA period due to a defect in QCT’s material or workmanship.
  11. Any engineering sample, evaluation unit or non-mass production product is not covered under warranty service.
  • QCT Customer Service

Please contact:  [email protected]

QCT reserves the rights to charge Customer for any reasonable and applicable costs and expenses (at prevailing rates) relating to or arising out of the repair or replacement under these excluded circumstances.

  • Advance Replacement Service (“ARS”)

QCT Basic Hardware Warranty includes Advance Replacement Service (ARS) within the first year of QCT’s invoice date. Under the terms of ARS, QCT will ship replacement material directly to Customer if the hardware is deemed as defective under a valid QCT RMA number. Upon receiving the replacement material, Customer is required to return the defective hardware to QCT designated service center, in the packaging that arrives with the replacement unit, within ten (10) business days of RMA approval or be billed for the replacement material at full invoice price.

  • Out-of-Warranty Service (“OOWS”)

Upon expiration of the aforementioned limited warranties, QCT may offer out-of-warranty (OOWS) service to Customer with reasonable OOWS fees. QCT shall have the option to replace defective products with refurbished or functionally equivalent products in the event that QCT determines, in its sole discretion, that a repair is impracticable. Customer shall pay for all shipping, service, parts, and other charges associated with out-of-warranty service.

  • Global Support Service

QCT reserves the rights to revise or adjust the service deliverables of QCT Service Level Agreement due to the limited regional service resource. QCT will provide the mutual agreed support service to Customers upon QCT availability.

  • Subcontracting Service

QCT may at its sole discretion, subcontract the service activities to its qualified and approved third party service providers. Service providers perform technical and maintenance services on behalf of QCT in terms of help desk, on-site, and warehouse management services. QCT bears responsibility for managing the quality of the services provided. QCT has mutual agreements with third party service providers respectively defining the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to ensure quality service delivery.

Extended Warranty

The extended warranty or extended warranty for advance replacement can be purchased from QCT or an authorized QCT reseller or distributor during the initial point of sales with additional fee. The extended warranty only applies to QCT products' original hardware, excluding any parts not factory installed by QCT. Please contact QCT Sales for more details.

Customer Responsibilities

  • On-site access and assistance - if on-site service is required in agreed service level agreement, customer shall provide sufficient and free access to enter customer's facilities and the supported products. The sufficient access includes enough working space, electricity, troubleshooting devices such as a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse.
  • Assistance for phone/remote troubleshooting and on-site service - customer agrees to provide all necessary information for QCT to perform phone or remote troubleshooting to determine the level of support needed.
  • Data backup - Periodically data backup is recommended, especially prior to QCT RMA service. QCT is not responsible for damage or loss of any personal data, programs, or removable storage media.

Technical Support Guide

To ensure our customers receive the highest quality of support, we ask that customer provide as much details as possible when contacting our support team.

  • Basic required information:
  1. Contact name, e-mail address, and phone number
  2. Serial number, Part Number, and Model of the unit needing service
  3. Full detailed description of problem

To request for technical support, please create an incident ticket using one of the following methods:

QCT Web Portal* :

E-mail:   [email protected]

U.S. Direct Support Phone Line:   1-(510) 270-6216

*QCT Web Portal is available to QCT direct customers only.

  • Basic Warranty Technical Support Hours:

- Local Office: San Jose, CA

- Monday-Friday; 9:00AM to 6:00PM PT (excluding U.S. and QCT holidays)

RMA Support

QCT Basic Hardware Warranty applies to customers whose IT employees possess the technical skills for self-troubleshooting, and self-replace defective parts. Customer may request for RMA after issues has been verified as a hardware problem by QCT’s support team.

  • RMA Office Hours and Contact Information:

Local Office: San Jose, CA

Office Hours: Monday-Friday; 9:00AM to 6:00PM PT (excluding U.S. & QCT holidays)

QCT RMA Phone Line: 1-510-270-6216

QCT RMA E-Mail: [email protected]


To request for RMA service, please go to our QCT iSRV Web Portal:

(QCT iSRV Web Portal is available to QCT direct customers only.)

  • Basic Required Information:
  1. Contact name, e-mail address, phone number, and address (bill-to/ship-to)
  2. Serial number, Part Number, and Model of the unit needing service
  3. PO#, QCT’s invoice#, and invoice date
  4. Full detailed description of problem
  • RMA Cut-Off Time:
  1. For RMA replacement to be shipped on the same day, request must be submitted & processed by 12PM* PT local working
  2. Any RMA submitted after cut-off time will be moved to next business day.

*Subject to material availabilities

  • RMA Return Instructions:
  1. RMA* must be marked on the outside of the RMA package and RMA paperwork must be included in the box
  2. Return approved material to specified QCT Service Center
  3. Do not return any hardware to QCT without a RMA number

*QCT recommends using the same packaging or its original packaging to return the defective products. Warranty may be voided if the product is damaged due to improper packaging.

  • RMA Policy:
  1. Customer shall follow QCT’s RMA instructions to return the defective units to QCT designated service center within required period.
    1. For Advance Replacement service, customer must return the defective product within ten (10) business days or be billed for the replacement part at full invoice price.
    2. For other RMA services, RMA number will become void if the product it covers is not received by QCT Service Center within 30 days after the RMA number is issued.
  2. Upon receiving customer's returned part, QCT reserves the right to check the validity of the warranty and the request for warranty service.
  3. If any discrepancies such as wrong product/missing parts/customer induced damage are found, QCT will return/reject the merchandise at customer's expense.
  4. The standard domestic freight method of QCT's RMA part delivery is via ground freight service. Different freight method may be requested at customer's own expense.

QCT iSRV Web Portal

QCT iSRV web portal, designed by Quanta Computer, Inc., allows users to create and keep track of all technical support incidents and RMAs.

To gain access to our QCT iSRV web portal, customer must first contact QCT Service by following the instructions below.

  • Customer’s required information:

- Company Name

- User Full Name

- User E-mail Address

- User Phone Number

- Authorized Service Address

Please email your completed request to [email protected]. A QCT Service Representative will process your request and provide login instructions.

Note: QCT iSRV Web Portal is available to QCT Direct customers. End-users/Indirect customers should contact their Disti/Reseller/VAR to obtain service.