QCT Accelerates Digital Transformation of Enterprises with New 5G Open Lab and AI Applications at Q.synergy 2021
29 Dec. 2021

Taoyuan, Taiwan - December 27, 2021 — Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), a leading data center hardware solution provider, held its 5G Open Lab opening event at its Taoyuan headquarters today and will hold its annual company forum event tomorrow in Taipei. Today, the company held a 5G Open Lab opening ceremony and technology exhibition presentation to kick off the festivities.

The 5G Open Lab in collaboration with Intel is located in Taoyuan and was unveiled for the first time, providing its guests a first glimpse of how the company plans to carry out 5G network integration and verifications with their open ecosystem. Q.synergy 2021 Taiwan with its 5G x AI Application Forum will be held on the 28th, aiming at business opportunities involving 5G private networks and digital transformation needs of enterprises. Some of the major themes of the yearly event are Internet of Things (IoT) and adaptive artificial intelligence (AI), exploring the application and benefits of 5G combined with AI.

To connect their 5G ecosystem and unleash the full value of 5G, QCT established its 5G Open Lab that provides its own enterprise private network equipment for partners to carry out end-to-end integrated development and testing. It also acts as an incubation center to jointly promote the development of local 5G solutions through industrial exchanges and integration of 5G application scenarios. At the lab opening today, QCT showcased its own standalone (SA) network infrastructure, with technologies and services provided by its ecosystem partners, and featured a 5G technology art experience (Smart Performance), and examples of smart manufacturing to bring to life the realization of 5G enterprise private networks.

The Q.synergy annual event jointly held with Intel in Taipei Marriott Hotel will focus on how to use 5G and AI to accelerate the digital transformation of enterprises and meet the application needs of different vertical industries. QCT will exhibit its QCT OmniPOD 5G enterprise private network solution, which is composed of an OmniCore core network, OmniRAN access network, and OmniView network management platform. It not only conforms to multiple international telecommunication industry standards (3GPP, O-RAN, TIP), but also provides higher bandwidth and data transmission rates with its SA network infrastructure, supporting various applications when used with different terminal devices. For example, the Safety AI application serves as virtual security fences in smart factories, using 5G networks to integrate IP cameras, universal customer premise equipment (uCPE) with built-in smart chips, and edge and data center servers to detect objects in the proximity of robotic arms. In these scenarios, if people are found to enter the working area of these machines, they will immediately warn or even interrupt mechanical operations to ensure the safety of the workplace.

In the cloud and AI field, in order to help enterprises effectively use big data, QCT developed the QCT Platform on Demand (POD) high-performance computing/artificial intelligence (HPC/AI) platform, which disaggregates a complete data center solution into compute, storage, and management building blocks. According to the needs of different vertical industries, the most suitable hardware and software can be pre-configured and pre-validated, so that enterprises can build the most suitable digital transformation platform in the shortest amount of time and under a reasonable budget. QCT POD has high flexibility and scalability and has achieved excellent proof-of-concept results in the field of precision medicine. With their software and hardware experiences, QCT solutions can greatly reduce the time required for next-generation gene sequencing, and it is expected to extend to other areas in medicine such as image recognition and new drug development, as well as other fields of study.

"The new normal over the past year or so has allowed companies to realize the importance of digital resilience and to actively embrace new technologies and investments in digital transformation," said Mike Yang, President of QCT. "QCT has a complete Cloud, 5G and AI product portfolio, providing solutions and services ranging from enterprise to data center. From the underlying hardware to the applications placed on top of them, they can be optimized one by one, to assist customers in the rapid development and introduction of 5G with AI infrastructures to enhance competitiveness in the digital era."

"AI, 5G, and the smart edge are the key technologies of the future. Effective use of these technologies will enable companies to make more forward-thinking decisions," said Grace Wang, Vice President & GM of Intel Taiwan. "Intel and QCT and our ecosystem partners are cooperating to provide trusted computing platforms to help customers realize AI, 5G, and smart edge application scenarios to leverage the true potential of big data to accelerate digital transformation.”

With the gradual popularization of applications such as smart manufacturing, smart healthcare, and smart performance, 5G and AI requirements have gradually moved from telecom companies and research units to general enterprises. QCT is looking forward to meeting future customer needs by teaming up Intel and other ecosystem partners to create modular, pre-configured and pre-validated enterprise 5G, HPC/AI solutions, and further expanding its 5G Open Lab as a base for cooperation to seize new business opportunities in enterprise private networks and cloud.

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