QCT Announces Forthcoming Liquid to Air Cooling Solution at the 2022 OCP Global Summit
18 Oct. 2022

Extended thermal solution at the rack level leads to better cooling efficiency

SAN JOSE, Calif. - October 18, 2022 - Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), a global data center solution provider, today announced its upcoming liquid to air cooling solution at the 2022 OCP Global Summit. With the increasing demand for high-performance computing (HPC) capabilities from cloud to edge, and rising temperatures of chipsets and accelerator cards in high density servers, it is now becoming essential to deploy new methods of cooling. QCT’s innovative liquid to air cooling solution tackles the biggest challenge of traditional data centers - the increasing power consumption of servers at the silicon level that can lead to higher energy costs, or even worse slower performance, shutdowns and possibly data loss.

QCT’s liquid to air cooling solution is their first iteration towards an evolution from traditional fans and heat sinks at the hardware level, to energy savings and sustainability at the rack level. The rack of the QCT liquid to air cooling solution can accommodate 19” EIA and 21” OCP open standards and can exist alongside traditional air-cooled racks in a data center.  QCT’s liquid to air cooling solution approach uses a cooling distribution unit (CDU), direct-to-chip cooling, and a rear-door heat exchanger to extract heat from its upcoming server systems featuring the upcoming 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors. The rack management control that is built into this solution also allows sensor monitoring for coolant level, pressure levels and leakages. Furthermore, the rear door fans and temperature can be remotely controlled and optimized depending on the workload through an intuitive web interface. With this combination of liquid cooling and fan zoning at the rear, CPU temperatures of the servers in the rack can be reduced by approximately 11.8°C[1] at the same CPU TDP condition. Furthermore, these combined innovations can drive down total power consumption for a single rack by 66.8%[2] while achieving a power usage effectiveness (PUE) of 1.07[3], which can lead to better savings, improved efficiency, optimized performance, outage prevention and environmental sustainability.

“QCT has a dedicated team devoted to solving thermal challenges related to running heavy computational workloads on our latest servers,” said Mike Yang, President of QCT. “Because it’s difficult to operate at maximum performance while keeping the temperature of silicon chips down, QCT developed its rack level liquid to air cooling approach to not only increase the efficiency of our own systems, but also to improve sustainability at the data center level with reduced OPEX.”

Besides the QCT liquid to air cooling solution, QCT also previewed forthcoming new additions (QuantaGrid D54X-1U, D54Q-2U, D54T-1U, D54U-3U, and D74H-7U) to its growing portfolio of servers for building anything from flexible storage blocks, systems for HPC/AI workloads, to supercomputing powerhouses to reach discoveries faster. These new QuantaGrid series of servers will feature 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors ranging from 1U to 7U, delivering optimized performance and unparalleled flexibility and scalability while also offering optimized thermal designs for both air and liquid cooled systems. Each of these 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable servers also will support PCIe Gen5, Datacenter Secure Control Module (DC-SCM), and OCP NIC 3.0 cards with design and scalability improvements that customers can appreciate.

To learn more, visit QCT at Booth A21 during the 2022 OCP Global Summit.

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About Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT)

Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) is a global data center solution provider that combines the efficiency of hyperscale hardware with infrastructure software from a diversity of industry leaders to solve next-generation data center design and operational challenges. QCT serves cloud service providers, telecoms and enterprises running public, hybrid and private clouds.

Product lines include hyperconverged and software-defined data center solutions as well as servers, storage, switches and integrated racks with an ecosystem of hardware components and software partners. QCT designs, manufactures, integrates and services its offerings via its own global network. The parent of QCT is Quanta Computer, Inc., a Fortune Global 500 corporation. www.QCT.io


[1] This temperature is dependent on pre-existing environmental conditions and can be varied and/or optimized based on other factors i.e. flow rates and ambient temperature. In this instance the ambient temperature was 35°C.


[2] Testing was carried out with a fully populated rack of 15 QuantaGrid D54XQ-2U servers featuring 4th Gen Intel Scalable processors.

[3] PUE of 1.07 with liquid chiller versus 1.6 without. Operators typically strive to get their PUE ratio as close to 1.0 as possible.