Quanta QCT Delivers Analytics Appliance in Turnkey Package
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15 Apr. 2014

Quanta QCT Delivers Analytics Appliance in Turnkey Package

FREMONT, Calif. (PRWEB) April 15, 2014 -- Quanta QCT, hardware innovator to cloud datacenter customers worldwide, has collaborated with Microsoft to ship a comprehensive and economical appliance solution for customers with demanding data warehousing workloads, big data and business intelligence needs.

The Quanta APS Appliance runs the Microsoft Analytics Platform System, which integrates SQL Server Parallel Data Warehouse (PDW) software and optional HDInsight software for Apache Hadoop processing, on a certified hardware platform that includes a suite of tools for working with data. The appliance experience is complemented by a unified Microsoft and Quanta support model, with Microsoft acting as the customer’s single point of contact for all patches, upgrades and issues.

Combining scalability and affordability in a comprehensive business intelligence solution, the Quanta APS Appliance is prebuilt and shipped to the customer’s datacenters, significantly reducing deployment and implementation time.

Each rack is configured to customer requirements, with as many as nine nodes and a choice of three disk capacities. It is delivered as a single-rack solution and is then installed in your data center.

The Quanta APS Appliance offers built-in redundancy and high performance with low energy consumption. Each multiprocessor server node is specifically designed to provide optimal performance with minimal requirements for physical space, power and cooling. Storage nodes in the Quanta APS Appliance offer enterprise-grade performance at low cost.

Quanta’s innovative Quad-enclosure server design offers as many as nine compute nodes per rack and can scale to as many as six racks. Raw disk capacity scales to 1.2 petabytes per rack. The appliance is designed with redundancy throughout for high availability. Each unit is composed of three compute nodes to provide fault-tolerant operation.

“Customers want a big data and business analytics platform without integration or time-to-value risk,” said Mike Yang, general manager, Quanta QCT. “The collaboration between Microsoft and Quanta solves those problems by giving our customers a ready-to-ship, pre-integrated solution that is both economical and scales.”

“With Analytics Platform System, it’s now easier than ever to deploy a complete data warehousing solution that meets the most complex Big Data and business intelligence needs,” said Eron Kelly, general manager, SQL Server product marketing, , Microsoft. “The Quanta APS Appliance fills a need in the market with customers who need to move fast, manage risk and plan for future data growth.”

Quanta APS Appliance Architecture 
   - Base unit has 113 terabytes of storage capacity, based on 5:1 compression and 1-terabyte disks.
   - Capacity can be doubled or tripled by replacing the standard 1-terabyte drives with 2-terabyte or 3-terabyte drives.
   - 3 scale units fit into 1 rack for more than 1 petabyte of usable storage.
   - Multiple racks (as many as 6) can be configured for even more compute resources and usable storage.
   - 3 compute nodes per scale unit provide the most fault-tolerant solution currently available.
   - Backup zone and landing zone are optional features; customers have complete control over their options.

About Quanta QCT 
Quanta QCT is a leading provider of server, storage, network switch, and integrated rack products for cloud datacenters worldwide. The company’s customers demand the engineering and manufacturing capabilities provided by one of the world's largest hardware companies, but require hardware tuned and optimized to their unique workload specifications. Headquartered in Fremont, Calif., the company's parent is Quanta Computer, Inc., a $29 billion FORTUNE® Global 500 company with more than 100,000 employees located at engineering, manufacturing, sales and support facilities worldwide. http://www.QuantaQCT.com


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