Quanta Launches Off-the-shelf Datacenter Solutions in the U.S. Market
02 May. 2012

Quanta Launches Off-the-shelf Datacenter Solutions in the U.S. Market

Quanta's QCT Brand to Offer Servers, Storage and Networking Equipment
for Midsize and Large Datacenters in the United States.

SAN ANTONIOM, Tex. – May 2, 2012 /PR Newswire/
 – Quanta Computer, Inc., a $37-billion original design manufacturer (ODM) based in Taiwan, has launched a U.S. subsidiary to market a branded line of datacenter solutions for the domestic market.

The news was announced today at the Open Compute Summit in San Antonio, Tex. Quanta is a gold sponsor of the event, and representatives from both Quanta and QCT are participating in the technical program. Quanta is a supplier of servers to Facebook based upon the OCP specification.

Branded QCT, the new venture provides a complete line of off-the-shelf datacenter products, including servers, storage and networking equipment. QCT also provides configuration and support services. The company targets midsize and large enterprise datacenter customers, service providers and governments who do not require the customized manufacturing capabilities or large volume production capabilities of a full-service ODM. While Quanta builds custom gear for the specific requirements of large customers, QCT offers a broad line of off-the-shelf components, each of which offer varying degrees of configurability.

During his keynote address at the Open Compute Summit, Frank Frankovsky, vice president, hardware design and supply chain at Facebook and founding board member of the Open Compute Project (OCP) said, “With the launch of QCT, end users have the advantage of combining the Quanta’s engineering and manufacturing expertise but in an off-the-shelf product line that is designed to the OCP specification.”

Each product in the QCT lineup is specifically engineered for a different function in the data center. This eliminates the need for over-engineering and excessive feature sets that often plague conventional equipment with unnecessary cost and complexity. As a result, QCT products measurably outperform conventional designs in energy consumption, cooling efficiency, acquisition cost (CAPEX) and operational expense (OPEX). (source: Quanta analysis, summary available upon request)

“The Open Compute Summit is an ideal venue for announcing the launch of QCT,” said Mike Yang, general manager and vice president of QCT. “For the first time, customers can take advantage of Quanta’s outstanding engineering and integrated datacenter solutions in an OCP rack, even if they’re not large enough to require a full-service original design manufacturer.”

Quanta and QCT serve different markets. Quanta customers are large organizations that have feature-specific design requirements, whereas QCT’s customers need optimized configuration of the rack from off-the-shelf components.

QCT is the only company that delivers a complete datacenter value chain: server, storage and networking equipment design and manufacturing experience in a single, proven resource. Presently, datacenters are built with server, storage and networking equipment from different manufacturers. While the industry has adapted to this inefficiency, QCT now makes it possible for customers to build datacenters with confidence that all components are designed to work together. For the first time, they can work with a single manufacturer to verify that the solution is engineered to deliver the customer's targeted technical and cost performance benchmarks.

About QCT
QCT provides a comprehensive line of off-the-shelf server, storage and networking solutions to datacenter customers in the United States. QCT targets midsize and large enterprises, governments and service providers who want the engineering excellence of a global manufacturer of integrated datacenter solutions, but do not require the scale and resources of a full-service ODM. QCT is headquartered in Fremont, Calif., and its parent company is Quanta Computer, Inc. More at http://www.QuantaQCT.com.

About Quanta
Quanta Computer is a Fortune Global 500 company and one of the world's largest ODM's, providing custom-engineered datacenter solutions to customers globally. Founded in 1988, the company is a global leader in the design and manufacturing of an array of consumer and business computing products. Quanta is the world's largest manufacturer of notebook computers. Since 2000, the company has engineered and manufactured server, storage and networking equipment for customers globally. Quanta also serves as the ODM for datacenter equipment branded under other names.


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