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Title Version Date Size
T42SP-2U BIOS 3A13.Q402 2018/12/13 23.06 MB
T42SP-2U BIOS 3A12.Q302 2018/09/17 23.23 MB
T42SP-2U BIOS 3A11.Q10 2018/07/02 14.64 MB
T42SP-2U BIOS 3A10.03 2018/02/01 14.49 MB

BIOS updated package for Intel-SA-00088

Problem – Fixing an issue on older than BMC v3.4x version that can not batch update BIOS with the recent security fix.
Scope – All Purley projects which are D52B-1U, D52BQ-2U, T42S-2U , T42SP-2U and T42D-2U.
Solution – executing the package v1.03 which includes update both BIOS/BMC to the latest version

### Before executing the tool ###
- Please note that this tool will update both BIOS and BMC to the latest version, and will restart the system upon completion.
- Any previous BIOS and BMC settings and configurations will NOT be preserved.
- Please power off the system before update both BIOS and BMC.

v1.03 2018/01/03 41.95 MB