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What is Q.synergy?

In 2017, QCT hosted the first Q.synergy event, to deliver the message that “synergy” is the force that drives and pushes QCT innovations forward to give our customers that competitive advantage. As a result, we have tightly coiled the spirit of “synergy” into our DNA. With the “synergy” spirit in mind, it gives users, developers, and operators a forum to meet with the industry’s leading builders and designers. This conference brings together a cross section of the entire cloud community for the purpose of creating synergistic discussions that lead data center transformation.

This year, the theme of Q.synergy 2019 is Powering Diverse Workloads, continuing our goal of sharing our vision, technology roadmap, and partnership in the data center ecosystem with our valued customers so that we can jointly grow and stay competitive in the industry as we pave the way to 5G and AI.


QCT has developed a workload-driven approach to address previously unsolved design problems. Paired with data-centric systems, QCT is helping to spread, store, and manipulate that data across a scalable number of connected machines with this workload-driven approach.

Get to know the experts

Share best practices and get your questions answered by the tech gurus, partners, and customers. Deep dive into the topics that matter most to you.

Take the lead

In today’s digital world, we innovate for the future. QCT brings together best-in-class technology leaders, to create products that revolve around tomorrow’s emerging trends.

What Our Attendees Say?

There’s a great lineup of speakers, I’m just looking forward to listening to what’s going on

I’m really enjoying it, it’s really great

So nice to hear from industry professionals, not just about cool technology today, but what we are going to do with that cool technology tomorrow

Very exciting, it’s interesting to listen to the new technologies and the collaboration between QCT and a lot of key members in the industry

  It’s been great, huge attendance, lots of interesting sessions on a variety of topics which are very attracted to me, software-defined, public and private cloud and broad spec of partners has been great. We are happy to see it." - Q.synergy 2017 Attendee

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September 25, 2019

12:30 pm - 8:30 pm

QCT US Solution Center
1010 Rincon Circle, San Jose, CA 95131

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Hardware Showcase

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Cocktail Party

Fireside Chat


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