QCT provides high performance, reliable and efficient hardware platforms for data center and cloud network. A comprehensive product profolio delievers a wide range of switches to fulfill different deployment requirements. Product line include QuantaMesh Ethernet Switch and Bare Metal Switch. The QuantaMesh Switch product line provides comprehensive features which include network automation, virtualization, high availability and data center oriented features for ally for all types of applications. The Bare Metal Switch product line provides open standard hardware platform with an independent choice of NOS.


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QuantaMesh Ethernet switches with QNOS provide comprehensive Layer 2 and Layer 3 features

QCT Network Operating System (QNOS) is the modern software platform for data centers and cloud networks which is based on Broadcom's ICOS platform for tradition L2/L3 features as well as software-defined network (SDN) appllications. Inherited from ICOS, QNOS is a proven protocol stack solution that can run on several control plane processors including PowerPC, x86, and ARM with robust operating performance and flexible deployment.  For the fundamentals of modern data center networks such as network automation, virtualization, high availability and data center oriented, QNOS provides a comprehensive feature set to cover all types of applications. 


l   In-Service Software Upgrade (ISSU)

l   Virtual eXtensible LAN (VXLAN) and Routing In and Out of Tunnels (RIOT)

l   Multi-Chassis Link Aggregation (MLAG)

l   OSPF, BGP4 with ECMP

l   Network Automation

l   RoCEv1/v2, DCBX, and FIP SNP





High Avalibility

Data-Center Orientated



CA government annouced Senate Bill 327 to regulate security for IOT devices. Connected devices in California requires reasonable security features that appropriately protect user's data from unauthorized access, modification, or disclosure. Each Device must has an unique password

For CA Technologies customers, please change the default password when first configuring a QuantaMesh Ethernet Switch. For more login or registration details, please refer to the Installation guide.



The QuantaMesh Bare Metal Switch (BMS) product line supports up to 100G speeds for data center network development.

The QuantaMesh BMS product line is a series of open hardware platforms supporting the Open Networking Install Environment (ONIE) to partner with 3rd party software and Open Network Linux (ONL) for direct customer software implementation.