Software Defined Storage


  • QxStor VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNode™

    Flexible Virtualization Architecture to Fulfill Your Workload Solutions

    • QxStor VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNodeTM(VRN) is a pre-validated solution integrating various product lines, QCT servers, and VMware leading virtualization software to fit your demands with different use cases and scenarios. QxStor VMware Edition-VRN helps you fully utilize not only computing but also storage resources by breaking traditional storage and silos. It also promotes simplicity, agility, manageability and lowers TCO when building clouds.
  • QxStor Red Hat Gluster Storage Edition


    • 针对具体的工作负载进行优化:吞吐量优化和成本容量优化的Gluster解决方案,运行于超密集1U型构件和最大存储密度的4U型服务器上。
  • QxStor Red Hat Ceph Storage Edition


    • QCT QxStor Red Hat Ceph Storage Edition为私有云和公有云提供SDS解决方案,并针对不同的工作负载和预算进行优化。QCT和红帽Ceph存储(Red Hat Ceph Storage)为企业块存储和对象存储提供成熟的接口,使其更适合归档、富媒体、以及OpenStack等云基础架构工作负载。
  • QxStor Cloudian Edition-Hyperstore®

    AWS S3兼容的企业级存储

    • QxStor Cloudian Edition-Hyperstore®应用向市场提供最可扩展、方便实现的端对端对象存储解决方案。