Data Analytic Platform


  • QxData Database Solution for Microsoft SQL

    Validated Microsoft DWFT (Data Warehouse Fast Track) Solution

    • QxData Database solution for Microsoft SQL completed with Microsoft Data Warehouse Fast Track (DWFT) benchmark, can ensure the customer pre-tuned, fast query database performance that is optimized running intensive query workloads and validated by Microsoft.
  • QxSmart HPC/DL Solution

    Build Your HPC Environment with QCT Optimized Software Tools and Application

    • Quanta Cloud Technology launches a cutting-edge High Performance Computing (HPC) / Deep Learning (DL) solution with integration of adaptive hardware, software tools and vertical applications. This unique HPC/DL solution combines QCT’s best-in-class infrastructure with high bandwidth technology and adopted file system, to provide scalable cluster architecture with outstanding performance for supercomputing users. It delivers optimized applications and pre-validated common open source or commercial tools to simplify software deployment and management. The QxSmart HPC/DL solution is a fast and reliable way to build a High Performance Computing environment, extremely reduces time and risks to implement projects.
  • QxData Hortonworks Solution

    Apache Hadoop的简化和加速部署

    • QxData Hortonworks解决方案是QCT和Hortonworks合作研发的一种参考体系结构,通过这一结构,企业无需花费大量操作和维护时间,即可以管理和分析大数据。
  • QxData MapR Solution

    Apache Hadoop的简化和加速部署

    • QxData MapR解决方案是QCT和MapR合作开发的一个参考架构,为企业提供解决方案,无需花费过多时间进行操作和维护便能管理和分析大数据。
  • QxData Cloudera Solution

    Apache Hadoop的简化和加速部署

    • QxData Cloudera解决方案是由QCT和Cloudera共同开发的一个参考架构,通过这一架构,企业可以管理和分析大数据,而无需花费过多时间进行操作和维护。
  • Microsoft Analytics Platform System 2016 Appliance


    • APS应用结合微软SQL Server和拥有QCT证书的硬件,以提供解决方案。