Installation / Setup Tips

How to break out a 40G port into 4x10G Ports in the QuantaMesh Ethernet T5032-LY6?

The command "port-mode { 1x40g | 4x10g }" in the interface config mode can break out a 40G port into 4x10G ports. It will not take effect until the next boot cycle. In the QuantaMesh T5032-LY6, there are two channels in the ASIC chip and each channel covers 16 QSFP+ ports. One channel can be split into 48 logical 10G ports, which means 12 QSFP+ ports is the maximum number you can configure per channel. So the maximum number of ports in the QuantaMesh Ethernet T5032-LY6 is 96x10G and 8x40G ports.