Publish date: 2020-08-06
Quanta Cloud Technology


QCT provides the Compatible Components List (CCL) for channel partners and systems integrators to ensure compatibility when selecting components for full system integration. QCT has spent reasonable efforts to ensure the listed components have passed extensive testing with QCT hardware. QCT is not able to guarantee the quality and reliability of the third-party components. This compatibility list is provided for reference only and not to replace the full QCT hardware certification program.

OS Type Support Level
CentOS 6.4 x86_64 (QCT Supported)
Microsoft Windows 8 x86_64 (QCT Supported)
Microsoft Windows 7 x86_64 (QCT Supported)
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 x86_64 including Hyper-V (OS Partner Certified:QCT validated all possible hardware configurations with this OS)
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 x86_64 including Hyper-V (OS Partner Certified:QCT validated all possible hardware configurations with this OS)
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 x86_64 including Hyper-V (QCT Supported)
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 x86_64 including Xen (QCT Supported)
Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2 x86_64 including Xen (QCT Tested: Either OS or hypervisor successfully installed)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.5 x86_64 including KVM (OS Partner Certified:QCT validated all possible hardware configurations with this OS)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.4 x86_64 including KVM (QCT Supported)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.9 x86_64 including KVM (QCT Tested: Either OS or hypervisor successfully installed)
Ubuntu Server 12.04.3 LTS (QCT Tested: Either OS or hypervisor successfully installed)
Citrix XenServer Enterprise 6.1 (QCT Support Planned)
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.0 X86_64 including KVM (QCT Support Planned)
Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS (QCT Support Planned)
Ubuntu Server 12.04.4 LTS (QCT Support Planned)
VMware vSphere 5.5 update 3 (QCT Support Planned)
Fedora Linux 20 (QCT Support Planned)
Oracle Linux Server 6.5 (QCT Support Planned)
CentOS 6.5 x86_64 (QCT Support Planned)

ModelFSBQPI MaxCoreFrequencyWattQuantaPNVendorPNNote
E3-1286L v31600NAQuad3.2GHz65WAJSR1QY8A00CM8064601575204
E3-1286 v31600NAQuad3.7GHz84WAJSR1QX8A00CM8064601575203
E3-1280 v31600NAQuad3.6GHz82WAJSR1508A00CM8064601467001
E3-1240 v31600NAQuad3.4GHz80WAJSR1528A00CM8064601467102
E3-1281 v31600NAQuad3.7GHz82WAJSR1R28A00CM8064601575329
E3-1271 v31600NAQuad3.6GHz80WAJSR1R38A00CM8064601575330
E3-1241 v31600NAQuad3.5GHz80WAJSR1R48A00CM8064601575331
E3-1240L v31600NAQuad2.0GHz25WAJSR1T8UA00CM8064601575341
E3-1231 v31600NAQuad3.4GHz80WAJSR1R58A00CM8064601575332
E3-1220 v31600NAQuad3.1GHz80WAJSR1548A00CM8064601467204
*Grayed-out items: to be EOL soon or already EOL

Memory CCL
SDRAM TypeFrequencySizeDIMM TypeVendorQuantaPNVendorPNNote
*Grayed-out items: to be EOL soon or already EOL
*Maximum memory frequency running on the platform, please refer to CPU FSB and supported memory population

Form FactorInterfaceBandwidthCapacityRpmVendorProduct familyModelQuantaPNVendorPNNote
3.5SATAIII6 Gb/s8TB5.9 KrpmSeagateLamarr Archive SMRST8000AS0002AB0080000011NA17Z-003
3.5SASII6 Gb/s4TB7.2 KrpmSeagateMegalodonST4000NM0023AB4000NM0099ZM270-003
3.5SASII6 Gb/s4TB7.2 KrpmWDSX800MWD4001FYYG-01SL3W1AB4001FY002WD4001FYYG-01SL3W1
3.5SASIII12 Gb/s6TB7.2 KrpmSeagateMakaraST6000NM0034AB6000NM0021HT27Z-001
3.5SATAII3 Gb/s1TB7.2 KrpmWDEX500MNAAB1003FB002WD1003FBYX-01Y7B1
3.5SATAIII6 Gb/s6TB7.2 KrpmHGSTAries-HC6HUS726060ALA640AB7260600000F18335
3.5SATAIII6 Gb/s6TB7.2 KrpmSeagateMakaraST6000NM0024AB6000NM0001HT17Z-001
3.5SATAIII6 Gb/s5TB7.2 KrpmSeagateMakaraST5000NM0024AB5000NM0001HT170-500
3.5SATAIII6 Gb/s4TB7.2 KrpmHGSTMars-KPHUS724040ALA640AB7240400020F14688
3.5SATAIII6 Gb/s4TB7.2 KrpmSeagateMakaraST4000NM0024 AB4000NM0101HT178-001
3.5SATAIII6 Gb/s4TB7.2 KrpmSeagateMegalodonST4000NM0033AB4000NM0089ZM170-004
3.5SATAIII6 Gb/s4TB5.9 KrpmSeagateBoreasST4000NC001AB4000NC000NA-ST4000NC001
3.5SATAIII6 Gb/s3TB7.2 KrpmSeagateAltosST3000NC002AB3000NC0001DY166-002
3.5SATAIII6 Gb/s2TB7.2 KrpmSeagateMegalodonST2000NM0033AB2000NM0189ZM175-003
3.5SATAIII6 Gb/s1TB7.2 KrpmSeagateMegalodonST1000NM0033AB1000NM0159ZM173-003
2.5SASII6 Gb/s1TB7.2 KrpmSeagateAirwalkerST91000640SSAB1000640189RZ268-002
2.5SASII6 Gb/s300GB15 KrpmToshibaAllegro AL 12SXMK3001GRRBAB003001000HDEAA00GEA51
2.5SASII6 Gb/s300GB10 KrpmWDSL300MWD3001BKHG-02D22V3AB3001BK001WD3001BKHG-02D22V3
2.5SATAIII6 Gb/s250GB7.2 KrpmSeagateAirwalkerST9250610NSAB2506100019RZ162-003
*Grayed-out items: to be EOL soon or already EOL

Form FactorSpeedTypePortVendorModelChipBusGenQuantaPNVendorPNNote
HHHL10GbRJ452 portIntelX540-T2Intel X540PCI-E X 8Gen 2ADPC0540000X540T2G1P5
HHHL10GbSFP+2 portIntelX520-DA2Intel 82599ESPCI-E X 8Gen 2ADPC0042000E10G42BTDAG1P5
*Grayed-out items: to be EOL soon or already EOL

*Grayed-out items: to be EOL soon or already EOL
**SATADOM is best designed for read-intensive applications, such as boot image storage.
Given its small capacity in general, using SATADOM for write-intensive applications, such as caching or as virtual memory (e.g., pagefile or swap partition), may result in high DWPD (Disk Write per Day). That may seriously shorten the life cycle of your SATADOM.
Check the FAQ on our website to learn more about how to set up virtual memory on your systems.

Power CapacityTypeEfficiencyDimension(mm)240VDCCold redundancyQuantaPNVendorPNNote
400WMultipleGold81.5*150*40NoNoAF400B00016DPS-400AB-12 H
*Grayed-out items: to be EOL soon or already EOL

Form FactorTypeBandwidthCapacityNAND TypeProcessVendorProduct familyQuantaPNVendorPNNote
2.5 - 7mmSATAII3Gb/s200GBMLC25nmIntel710ABS0200G000NA
2.5 - 7mmSATAII3Gb/s600GBMLC25nmIntel320ABS0600G000NA
2.5 - 7mmSATAII3Gb/s300GBMLC25nmIntel320ABS0300G007NA
2.5 - 7mmSATAII3Gb/s120GBMLC25nmIntel320ABS0120G008NA
2.5 - 7mmSATAIII6Gb/s800GBMLC20nmIntelS3500ABS00800005NA
2.5 - 7mmSATAIII6Gb/s480GBMLC20nmIntelS3500ABS00480000NA
2.5 - 7mmSATAIII6Gb/s240GBMLC20nmIntelS3500ABS00240003NA
2.5 - 7mmSATAIII6Gb/s120GBMLC20nmIntelS3500ABS00120004NA
*Grayed-out items: to be EOL soon or already EOL