Rackgo-X RSD

Increased Efficiency with Unique OCP-Inspired Rack Design

Designed on the principles of OCP, Rackgo X RSD is the first industry standard framework for disaggregating and dynamically managing compute, storage and network resources for more efficient hyper-scale deployment and utilization of data center assets.

Rackgo X RSD delivers increased utilization and flexibility through pooled resources (network, compute and storage) and enables hyper-scale agility via a flexible, modular rack architecture. It also offers the ability to manage multi-vendor hardware via the Distributed Management Task Force (DMTF) Redfish™ API, an open industry standard specification and schema for management of modern, scalable platform hardware.


Key Features & Benefits


With QCT servers, storage and top-of-rack switches

Vanity-free design

Eliminates excessive features that do not contribute to overall performance

21 inch rack width

Offers higher compute density and storage capacity, and increased airflow improves cooling

Centralized power supplies on rack

Distribute power to all nodes, reducing PSU count, lowering cost and energy expenditure


Designed for easy cold-aisle operation, most service parts are tool-less and can be replaced in the front aisle


integrated management backplane allows datacenter operators to monitor the hardware status through a single point of contact with its best-in-class easy-to-use management tool

Building Blocks