Rackgo-X OCP Solution

Innovative Open Rack Solution Inspired by OCP

The Rackgo X is a 21" open rack solution inspired by the OCP standard, designed to deliver hyperscale datacenter performance for low CAPEX and OPEX with simplicity, energy and cooling efficiency, high density, serviceability, scalability, and manageability. The Rackgo X is ideally suited for cloud architecture such as cloud service providers or large enterprise datacenters.

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Key Features & Benefits


With QCT servers, storage and top-of-rack switches

Vanity-free design

Eliminates excessive features that do not contribute to overall performance, lowering cost

21 inch rack width

Offers higher compute density and storage capacity, and increased airflow improves cooling

Centralized power supplies on rack

Distribute power to all nodes, reducing PSU count, lowering cost and energy expenditure


Designed for easy cold-aisle operation, most service parts are tool-less and can be replaced in the front aisle. Centralized PSU and lack of excessive components simplifies maintenance.


Datacenter operators to monitor the hardware status through a single point of contact with its best-in-class easy-to-use management tool

Modular, Configurable

Basic building block options include compute server, microserver, JBOD storage, and QuantaMesh network switches. 3 rack architectures available for different types of workloads. Customers can choose from the available rack configurations or build their own racks.

Building Blocks



Rack Architecture