Quanta QCT Prepares to Ship Ultra-Dense Storage Platform
04 Feb. 2013

Quanta QCT Prepares to Ship Ultra-Dense Storage Platform

MESOS M4600H to Support 60 Hot-Pluggable Drives in Coverless 4U Chassis Design

FREMONT, Calif. – February 04, 2013 /PRWeb/ – Quanta QCT, a leading manufacturer of server, storage and network equipment for datacenter customers in the United States, is preparing to ship an ultra-dense JBOD storage platform under the MESOS line of storage products.

The MESOS M4600H places 60 hot-pluggable 2.5” and 3.5” drives in a coverless 4U chassis that takes advantage of Quanta’s engineering leadership in heat management and vibration isolation. The result is a unit with extreme storage density, high reliability, simplified serviceability and unparalleled power efficiency.

Quanta QCT is an innovator in heat management technology. The coverless design used by the MESOS M4600H is an example of the company’s leadership in datacenter efficiency through efficient heat removal. Eliminating the top cover simplifies serviceability and allows heat to be managed across the entire rack, an approach that requires both engineering and manufacturing expertise.

Ultra-high storage densities can present substantial mechanical engineering challenges from the sheer mass of rotating media. Interference from vibration caused by hard disk rotation is isolated in the MESOS M4600H to assure reliability and high performance across a range of loading and access scenarios.

The design is optimized for the general-purpose needs of enterprise and service provider datacenters where the lowest operational cost-per-watt and smallest footprint are critical to achieving the desired economics. Users can configure various disk options to address their unique needs. A single MESOS M4600H can support up to 240 TB of capacity, with individual drives of 4 TB capacity each.

The MESOS M4600H is a cost-effective alternative for enterprises that want an ultra-dense storage solution but might not need up to 240 TB total storage on a single server. The unit can be shared with up to four servers, allowing these customers to enjoy the efficiency of ultra-dense storage across multiple physical servers.

The MESOS M4600H will be available in February. Channel information at our website.

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Quanta QCT provides a comprehensive line of off-the-shelf server, storage and networking solutions to datacenter customers in the United States. Quanta QCT targets midsize and large enterprises, governments and service providers who want the engineering excellence of a global manufacturer of integrated datacenter solutions, but do not require the scale and resources of a full-service ODM (original design manufacturer). Quanta QCT is headquartered in Fremont, Calif., and its parent company is Quanta Computer, Inc., a US$33 billion ODM with more than 100,000 employees located at engineering, manufacturing, sales and support facilities worldwide.

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