Collaboration Yields Object Data Storage With Up to 99.9999999999999 Percent Statistical Data Reliability
05 Sep. 2012

Collaboration Yields Object Data Storage With Up to 99.9999999999999 Percent Statistical Data Reliability

Quanta QCT, Intel® and Amplidata publish a reference architecture detailing how customers can manage massive growth in unstructured data.

FREMONT, Calif. – September 5, 2012 /PRWeb/ – Quanta QCT, Intel and Amplidata have published a reference architecture to deliver a storage solution aimed at managing the rapid growth of unstructured data. The solution is targeted at vertical markets where large-scale object storage solutions are needed to stay ahead of an accelerating demand for applications that wring business value from these growing mountains of data with data durability up to fifteen 9s.

A live demo of the reference architecture will be shown at the Intel Developer Forum, September 11-13 in San Francisco. The demo will be located in the Intel Data Center Community area, booth #116

An estimate by IDC reports that in 2011 there was 1.8 zettabytes of data (created and replicated) worldwide, growing to 7.9 zettabytes by 2015. The report notes that by 2020, IT departments worldwide will need to administer 50 times the amount of data compared to 2011.

Some of the largest contributors to this trend are massive amounts of unstructured data driving applications in media, entertainment and scientific research. The size of these datasets is hitting the limits of traditional file based storage. Therefore there is a growing demand for efficient and reliable object storage platforms.

The reference architecture published on Intel’s CloudBuilders website ( is based on Amplidata’s Amplistor solution that runs on Intel Xeon processor based platforms that provide all the necessary performance and power savings such that data center applications can scale on performance and capacity scale independently. It utilizes Quanta QCT’s STRATOS S210-X12MS servers and STRATOS S100-L11SL storage nodes. The reference architecture presents a data durability policy option that enables fifteen 9s (99.9999999999999 percent) statistical data durability.

Applications that manage massive data sets are driving a new generation of cloud-enabled datacenters with the need for more scalable, highly durable and easy to manage storage with very low cost of ownership. To meet these exploding capacity requirements in both public and private clouds, service providers and enterprises alike are turning to a “scale-out” storage infrastructure that combines Amplidata’s technology with industry-standard servers and storage components.

The AmpliStor platform counters the data protection and scalability limitations, inefficiencies, management burdens, and high-cost of ownership of traditional proprietary storage. Previously, cloud service providers have had to rely on rigid, non-scalable, expensive and proprietary storage to provide scalability, durability and high performance for private and public nearline and archival storage.

The server for the reference architecture is the Quanta STRATOS S210-X12MS with dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2640 processors and Intel® 520 Series SSDs for AmpliStor controller hosts with Intel® 10GbE and GbE Ethernet. It is a 16 DIMM slot design (2 DIMM per channel) which can run up to 1600 MHz and is ideal for compute intensive applications demanding high memory bandwidth. The server is designed to minimize acquisition and operating expenses, with datacenter-optimized features that include Intel® 82599ES 10Gb SFP+ 10 Gb Ethernet onboard and a single PCIe slot.

The Quanta STRATOS S100-L11SL storage nodes are equipped with Intel® Xeon® E3-1220L v2 processors. The unit places most controllers on board to reduce cost in a design that is fully integrated and optimized for datacenter storage demands. It has one of the highest storage density on the market, which makes the node ideal for applications that require high storage density, capacity, power efficiency, and cost effectiveness. Drive configuration includes 12 3.5” SATA HDDs, one 2.5” SSD and one SATDOM. The server also features four Intel® 82574 1Gb Ethernet RJ45 ports for accessing or managing the server from multiple networks.

About Quanta QCT
Quanta QCT provides a comprehensive line of off-the-shelf server, storage and networking solutions to datacenter customers in the United States. Quanta QCT targets midsize and large enterprises, governments and service providers who want the engineering excellence of a global manufacturer of integrated datacenter solutions, but do not require the scale and resources of a full-service ODM. Quanta QCT is headquartered in Fremont, Calif., and its parent company is Quanta Computer, Inc., a $37 billion original design manufacturer.

Quanta QCT is the only company that delivers all of the major components of the datacenter value chain: server, storage and networking equipment design and manufacturing capability in a single, proven resource. Presently, datacenters are built with server, storage and networking equipment from different manufacturers. While the industry has adapted to this inefficiency, QCT now makes it possible for datacenters to work with a single manufacturer to verify that the solution is engineered to deliver their targeted technical and cost performance benchmarks.

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About Intel
Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is a world leader in computing innovation. The company designs and builds the essential technologies that serve as the foundation for the world’s computing devices. Additional information about Intel is available at and

About Amplidata
Amplidata launched AmpliStor, an Optimized Object Storage solution for big data in 2008 after a team of storage veterans had researched and developed the BitSpread technology over several years. The technology provides the highest storage reliability and performance at the lowest possible cost. AmpliStor scales beyond petabytes and requires 50-70 percent less storage capacity to protect data compared to traditional solutions.

The Amplidata team consists of storage experts who also helped to build the success of DataCenter Technologies, Dedigate and Q-layer. The development team is responsible for patent-pending distributed storage innovations.

Amplidata is a privately funded company that  has received  investments from Endeavour Vision, Big Bang Ventures, Swisscom Ventures and Intel Capital. Operational headquarters are  in Lochristi, Belgium. US Headquarters are in Redwood City. Sales and support are represented in a number of countries in Europe, North America and Asia. More information can be found at


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