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What are the major differences between Enterprise SKU and Value SKU of QSSC-S4R? How to choose?

Each S4R server system can accommodate up to 8 memory boards. Enterprise SKU includes 4 memory boards and supports up to 8x2.5” SAS HDD in the base configuration (it is needed to purchase SAS riser card to support SAS HDDs), and Value SKU includes 1 memory board and supports up to 6x2.5” SATA HDD in the base configuration.

  1. S4R Enterprise SKU (1S4RZZZ0STI) comes pre-configured with full redundant cooling and power for optimized system performance, including 7+1 redundant cooling with 8 hot swap variable-speed fan modules and 2+2/3+1 full redundant power with 4 power supply units.
  2. S4R Value SKU (1S4RZZZ0STJ) comes pre-configured with 2 power supply units and two empty power supply bays and 4 fan modules without redundant cooling. Additional accessories may be ordered for redundant power and cooling configuration requirements.

Note: About the detailed information please refer to the configuration guide.