How to choose the 10GbE (SFP+) switch solution between T3048-LY2 and T3048-LY2R?

The QuantaMesh T3048-LY2 and T3048-LY2R share the same portfolio, 48x10Gbe + 4x40Gbe, but with a different circuit design. The T3048-LY2R is a PHYless design where the ASIC is interpreting the SERDES framer interface (SFI) signal directly. It offers an ultra-low latency (200 ns less) with a 25% reduction in power consumption, which increases the MTBF and reduces the MTTR. The T3048-LY2R does not support the SFP+ modules 10GBASE-LRM (Long Reach Multimode) and 10GBASE-ER (extended reach). The signals cannot traverse long distances with the PHYless model. It perfectly fits into the Top of Rack position in the data center as the cable length requirement is relatively short. On our website, the product pages provide a comparison tool. You can pick the product by checking the check-box on the individual model and clicking the top-right "Compare" to provide clear information.