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[Switch] How to change boot sequence on x86 QuantaMesh Switch (For IX1)
By default, the boot order is iPXE > SATA > USB on these switch models. This document provide the instruction to change boot order on following x86 QuantaMesh Switch.
Product information
It applies to following models,
  • BMS T7032-IX1 (x86 CPU) (PN 1IX1UZZ0ST6, 1IX1UZZ0ST7)
  • Cumulus Linux T7032-IX1 (x86 CPU) (PN 1IX1UZZ0ST8, 1IX1UZZ0ST9)
  1. Connect to console port of switch and power on the switch.
  2. Access U-boot environment (click this link for instruction)
  3. in U-boot, type "bootorder" to display current boot order. "/pci@i0cf8/*@14" is boot from iPXE. "/pci@i0cf8/*@18/drive@0/disk@0" is boot from hard drive (SATA). "/pci@i0cf8/usb@16/hub@1/hub@1/usb-*@1" is boot from usb.

  1. Type "bootorder device1 device2 device3" to change boot order. Following example change boot sequence to sata, iPXE then usb.

  If flash erase fail, it is required to upgrade coreboot to version higher than
  1. type "reset" and it takes effects after reboot.

  1. During boot up, you can see the boot order changed (console access only).