QxVDI VMware Edition-OA

A High-Availability, High Density and Pre-Validated VDI Appliance

Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) launches a cutting-edge turnkey Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Appliance powered by VMware virtualization software. It uses a 3U 9-node high density server with 2 embedded switches to create an optimized building block for your VDI deployment. Its physically isolated, multi-node architecture makes it ideal for your business continuity applications. This unique turnkey VDI appliance combines compute, storage and networking resources into a hyper-converged infrastructure with the flexibility of efficient scale-out. The QxVDI VMware Edition-OA is an exceptional, cost-effective solution that offers an outstanding user experience.

Upgrade with Higher Computing Performance

A Turnkey VDI Appliance | Simple to Use

The QxVDI VMware Edition-OA is a next-generation hyper-converged infrastructure solution. By combining compute, storage, and networking in a 3U 9-node turnkey VDI appliance, it dramatically reduces OPEX and improves your user experience.

Upgrade with Higher Computing Performance

High-Scalability | Agility

The QxVDI VMware Edition-OA provides the capabilities of compute, storage, and networking resources serving as a common pool and provides pay-as-you-grow agility to your VDI deployment. It resolves the issue of multiple vendors by simply increasing the number of appliances and making the scale-out approach more flexible.

High-Availability | Risk Management

Unlike traditional VDI architecture, QxVDI VMware Edition-OA ensures the continuity of your business activity. If one node fails, the failure node will automatically reallocate itself to the other working nodes and proceed with their workloads. With a high-density design, the remaining working nodes will only slightly increase its loading, which is a proven practice of achieving risk management.

Pre-Validated | Reliability

QCT delivers a pre-validated plug-and-play VDI solution with VMware Horizon. The QxVDI VMware Edition-OA uses a high-density server to resolve delay in traditional VDI architecture and greatly increase IOPS to ensure both high performance and high reliability.

Pre-Installed Software | Quick Implementation

This 3U 9-node VDI appliance powered by pre-installed VMware Horizon has the capability to support up to 180 users. By integrating QCT QxVDI VMware Edition-Auto Deployment Tool, and leading virtualization software from VMware into this QCT-validated system, VDI implementation is simplified and can be completed in merely a few steps.


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QxVDI VMware Edition-OA
Hardware System: QuantaMicro X10E-9N
CPU: (9) Intel® Xeon® processor E3-1200 v5 product family
HDD: (27) 1.2TB SAS 2.5"
SSD: (9) 200GB 2.5"
Nic: (9) Four Port Intel® I350 Onboard NIC
Switch: (2) Embedded switch with Dual 10Gbps SFP+ uplink
Power Supply: (2) High efficiency hot-plug 1600W PSU, 80 Plus Platinum
(only support 220V AC input)
Software VMware Horizon®
Support users 100 VDI users (2 vCPU 4GB RAM);
180 VDI users (2 vCPU 2GB RAM)
HW Service 3 Years Hardware Warranty
SW Support 1 Year Software SNS


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