QCT Solutions

  • QxStack NFV Infrastructure with Red Hat OpenStack Platform

    A Carrier-Grade Infrastructure Pre-integrated and Validated for Network Service Providers

    • QxStack NFV Infrastructure with Red Hat OpenStack Platform provides a flexible modularized design. To fulfill the modern Telco and NFV requirements, QCT ensure the network performance by enabling platform technologies and validate the solution with the industry standard test suites. The pre-integrated solution helps network service providers to achieve the CAPEX and OPEX goal with QxStack Auto-Deployment Tool.
  • QxData Database Solution for Microsoft SQL

    Validated Microsoft DWFT (Data Warehouse Fast Track) Solution

    • QxData Database solution for Microsoft SQL completed with Microsoft Data Warehouse Fast Track (DWFT) benchmark, can ensure the customer pre-tuned, fast query database performance that is optimized running intensive query workloads and validated by Microsoft.
  • QxSmart HPC/DL Solution

    Build Your HPC Environment with QCT Optimized Software Tools and Application

    • Quanta Cloud Technology launches a cutting-edge High Performance Computing (HPC) / Deep Learning (DL) solution with integration of adaptive hardware, software tools and vertical applications. This unique HPC/DL solution combines QCT’s best-in-class infrastructure with high bandwidth technology and adopted file system, to provide scalable cluster architecture with outstanding performance for supercomputing users. It delivers optimized applications and pre-validated common open source or commercial tools to simplify software deployment and management. The QxSmart HPC/DL solution is a fast and reliable way to build a High Performance Computing environment, extremely reduces time and risks to implement projects.
  • QxStack VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNode™

    Flexible Virtualization Architecture to Fulfill Your Workload Solutions

    • QxStack VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNode™(VRN) is a pre-validated solution integrating various product lines, QCT servers, and VMware leading virtualization software to fit your demands with different use cases and scenarios. QxStor VMware Edition-vSAN ReadyNode™ helps you fully utilize not only computing but also storage resources by breaking traditional storage and silos. It also promotes simplicity, agility, manageability and lowers TCO when building clouds.
  • QxStack with Red Hat OpenStack Platform

    Validated OpenStack Solution with QxStack Auto-Deployment Tool

    • QxStack with Red Hat OpenStack Platform combines Red Hat software, QxStack Auto-Deployment tool and QCT hardware to give enterprises and service providers a highly available OpenStack cloud that’s easy to deploy, manage and scale.
  • QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation

    Easiest Way to Build and Operate a Software-Define Data Center (SDDC) Private Cloud

    • QxStack powered by VMware Cloud Foundation is a fully interoperable solution that provides customers with the easiest way to build and run an SDDC private cloud. The solution is delivered with pre-qualified hardware provided by QCT and VMware’s Cloud Foundation software. This SDDC-based integrated system is ideal for enterprises and service providers focused on greater simplicity, faster time-to-value, enhanced security and lower total cost of ownership (TCO).