Quanta Datacenter Manager

Optimize Energy Efficiency for Your Datacenters

  • Power/energy consumption monitoring
  • Assist with power planning
  • Spotlight underutilized systems to reduce TCO
  • Easy-to-use interface with a customizable dashboard
  • 90-day FREE trial download

Quanta Datacenter Manager (QDCM)

As energy demands and density continue to increase in the datacenter, datacenter managers are now looking for new solutions to face challenges like manageability and rising cost; Quanta Datacenter Manager (QDCM) provides the solution to help improve the manageability, energy usage and system utilization to your datacenter so datacenter managers can get better control of energy and resources with just a click. 

Through QDCM, datacenter managers can monitor the real-time power usage and temperature at the dashboard, and manage the any server’s power consumption by power policies. QDCM also provides the energy optimization function. By tracking and analyzing energy usage history and cooling analysis, QDCM can give you recommendations like consolidating workloads from low utilized servers or cooling your datacenter more efficiently to save more energy.

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QDCM Dashboard

QDCM Dashboard displays the overall status of managed nodes, including temperature, power consumption, space usage, and custom/system events in one page.

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QDCM Hierarchical Datacenter Management

Datacenter Manager displays all managed entities in QDCM Console. The summary shows the status of selected rack or a single server, including temperature, power consumption, space usage and custom/system events. In this page, users also can get server’s inventory data or set power policies to limit the consumed power.

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QDCM Energy Optimization

Energy Optimization analyzes many data sets to help user optimize the energy efficiency in their datacenter.


  • Cooling Analysis provides the current cooling status which is evaluated with suggestions, along with possible actions and the Benefits of taking these actions.
  • Low-Utilization Servers function can identify under utilized servers and list them as potential targets for workload consolidation to optimize energy efficiency
  • Server Power Characteristics provides the information of power consumption to decide whether to upgrade or replace some servers to improve the power efficiency in their datacenter.
- Display the highest and trending temperature
- Display summary of power consumption
- Display overall notification events
- Display the space usage
Datacenter Management
Datacenter Management
- Hierarchy management
- Inventory management
- Summary of Inlet temperature and power consumption
- Power policies settings
- Power threshold settings
- Add / Edit / Delete device into group
- Group summary of temperature/power/policies/thresholds
Device Management
Device Management
- Discovery devices
- Filter devices
- Edit and delete devices
Energy Optimization
Energy Optimization
- Cooling analysis
- Low-utilization servers
- Server Power Characteristics
Event and Notifications
Event and Notifications
- Custom and system notification events
- List / Search / Delete events
- Notifications by mail alerting
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