Rackmount Server
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Find your products

  • QuantaPlex T42S-2U (4-Node)

    Ample Performance Multi-Node server

    • Unleashing Computing Performance
    • Additional M.2 SSD for OS Installation
    • Shared Infrastructure Provides Better Space and Energy Utilization
    • Easy Service and Maintenance
  • QuantaGrid D52B-1U

    Defying Physical Limitations

    • Ultimate Compute and Storage Density
    • Flexible and Scalable I/O options
    • Tool-less HDD/SDD Tray and PCIe Riser Module
    • Quick Deployment and Maintenance
  • QuantaMicro X11C-8N

    Scale-out multiple streams of parallel workload server.

    • Ideal for scale-out deployment
    • Space and Energy Efficient, driving down hosting TCO
    • High efficiency and manageability
    • Versatile high-density Microserver suited for a variety of applications
    • Flexible network bandwidth option
  • QuantaGrid D52G-4U

    All-in-one Box Prevails over AI and HPC challenge

    • Up to 8x NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 with NVLink™ support up to 300GB/s GPU to GPU communication
    • Up to 10x dual-width 300 Watt GPU or 16x single-width 75 Watt GPU support
    • Diversify GPU topology to Conquer Any Type of Parallel Computing Workload
    • Up to 4x100Gb/s High Bandwidth RDMA-enabled Network to Scale Out with Efficiency
    • 8x NVMe Storage to Accelerate Deep Learning
  • QuantaGrid D52BV-2U

    Accelerating Supercomputing Performance

    • Compact and Optimized 2U Accelerator Server Architecture
    • 2x 100Gb/s High bandwidth Networking Option to scale out performance efficiently
    • Quick Deployment and Maintenance
  • QuantaGrid D51B-1U

    Full-Featured Energy Efficient 2-Socket Server

    • Greener and More Powerful
    • Extreme Memory Capacity for Demanding Virtualization Workload
    • Flexible and Scalable I/O Options
    • OCP Decathlete Specification Compliant