Product feature

!!!PCI Resource ERROR!!! may display in BIOS when populated 12* add-on card on the system.

It's expected behavior because the X86 system has a 64KB I/O space limitation. Also there is an allocation 4KB alightment request when BIOS allocates system I/O space for the PCIe card. For example, if the PCIe card requests more than 2KB I/O space, we still reserve 4KB space for this card.

Because of these two requirements, in this case, there are 12 PCIe add-on cards installed on the system, the I/O space requirement already exceeds the 64KB limitation. So the system will report this information on the BIOS menu to inform the user.

If a PCIe card is without allocated resources, it might be ineffective. It’s dependent on the card designed.

If I/O space is required on this card and we can’t allocate space for it, the device doesn’t work well.

That’s why we need report this on BIOS menu to let user know.