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UEFI RHEL6.5 will randomly reboot due to Watchdog2 Hard Reset(SMS/OS) occur

This issue is caused by RHEL 6.5.

The bmc-watchdog daemon in RHEL 6.5 will be enabled when OS boot. This daemon does not detect OS IPMI driver since it failed to acess "/dev/ipmi0",so it will create system IO port (ca2/ca3) to communicate with BMC, however, the action creating system IO port will conflict with built-in OS ipmi driver cause built-in OS ipmi driver is already created this IO port to communicate with BMC.

Therefore, we found this bmc-watchdog will sometimes receive the wrong data that should response to OS ipmi driver, and this bmc-watchdog will stop running itself because the data is not correct. And then, the timer of BMC watchdog will count down to 0 and the corresponding hard reset action and event log will be done by BMC.


Please follow those steps to fix it. thank you.

Enabled ipmi service to create "/dev/ipmi0", and bmc-watchdog just talked to BMC through built-in OS ipmi driver. steps are:

  1. Boot to RHEL 6.5 once you installed OS.
  2. Issue "chkconfig --level 5 ipmi on" in command line.
  3. Reset system again.
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