Installation / Setup Tips

Please read the readme file before attempting upgrade BIOS/BMC.

The readme file contain information regarding possible stopgap firmware the user needs to upgrade, before attempting to upgrade to the latest version of BIOS/BMC. If the instruction aren't followed the system would show no video, in which case firmware recovery would be necessary.

Product Model
QuantaGrid D51B-1U QuantaGrid D51BP-1U QuantaGrid D51PS-1U QuantaGrid D51PC-1U QuantaGrid S31A-1U STRATOS S210-X12RS QuantaGrid D51B-2U STRATOS S215-X22KQ STRATOS S200-X22TQ STRATOS S210-X22RQ STRATOS S400-X44E QuantaGrid Q71L-4U QSSC-S4R QuantaPlex T21SR-2U STRATOS S810-X52LR QuantaGrid D51BV-2U STRATOS S210-X2A2J QuantaPlex T41S-2U (4-Node) QuantaPlex T41SP-2U (4-Node) STRATOS S810-X52L (4-Node) STRATOS S910-X31E (9-Node) STRATOS S910-X31B (9-Node) STRATOS S900-X31A ON 40GbE Skyhawk-R ON 40GbE CX3PRO ON 10GbE 57810 ON 10GbE 82599ES ON 10GbE Skyhawk-R ON 10GbE CX3PRO ON 10GbE X540 ON 1GbE i350 ON 10GbE CX3 SMBUS LACP ON 10GbE CX3 LACP ON 10GbE CX3 SMBUS ON 10GbE CX3 ON 10GbE 57811 ON 10GbE 82599EN QN 56G IB CX3 QN 10GbE 57810 QN 40G IB CX3 QN 40GbE CX3 QN 1GbE i350-S4L QN 1GbE i350 QN 10GbE x540-S4L QN 10GbE x540 QN 10GbE 82599EN-S2L QN 10GbE 82599ES-S2L QN 10GbE 82599EN-S1B QN 10GbE 82599ES QS 3108 QS 3008 QS 2208 QS 2108 QS 2308 QS 2008 MESOS M4600H MESOS M4240H QuantaPlex T21P-4U F06D F06A F03A F03C JBR JBFA X700 X500 X300 MC510 Compute Blade MS100 Storage Blade