General-purpose QuantaGrid rackmount servers, multi-node QuantaPlex high-density servers, and QuantaEdge servers for various AI, Cloud, and 5G use cases.


High-density converged storage servers optimized for various storage architectures and a range of I/O performance requirements to enhance caching performance and eliminate bottlenecks.

Rack System

Liquid-cooled QoolRack integrated racks and stand-alone cooling systems offer a flexible and scalable thermal optimized solution to efficiently dissipate heat from higher powered CPUs.


QuantaMesh Ethernet and Bare Metal Switches (BMS) feature low latency, low power consumption, high density, and high-port count characteristics to provide the market with the very best data center network solutions.








Hyperscale engineering excellence is in the QCT “DNA.” With a deep understanding of different cloud workloads, systems integration and optimization experiences, QCT offers the most efficient, innovative, scalable and easy to deploy hardware to meet demand of different scales of datacenters.

QCT product lines use standard and open hardware, so customers are never locked into proprietary hardware, firmware and management software.

Our cloud infrastructure and big data solutions will range and scale from a single server to rack level, all with software pre-installed, pre-racked and pre-cabled, well verified, integrated, and optimized on our most efficient hardware platforms, easy for datacenters to deploy.