Future Technology, Smart Manufacturing Exhibited by QCT at COMPUTEX 2016
31 May. 2016

Future Technology, Smart Manufacturing Exhibited by QCT at COMPUTEX 2016

QCT, a leading provider of hyperscale datacenters, showcases hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, including OCP, SDDC and networking innovations

TAIPEI, Taiwan // May 31, 2016 // COMPUTEX Taipei 2016 – QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology), a long-time participant in COMPUTEX (CPX), returns to the 2016 CPX Conference as an exhibitor and an example of the conference’s keynote themes: Future Technology and Smart Manufacturing.

QCT is a global hyperscale datacenter solution provider. The company’s products are designed to deliver the benefits of hyperscale performance, in standard SKUs and for customers of all sizes.

Exhibiting in Booth T101D on the first floor of the Taipei International Convention Center (TICC), QCT is showcasing its hyper-converged infrastructure solutions, including innovations for Open Compute Project (OCP), software-defined data centers (SDDC) and data center networking. In total, CPX 2016 attendees will be treated to demonstrations of more than four dozen innovative QCT products.


Open Compute Project Solutions

QCT offers the industry’s broadest lineup of OCP-compliant products. The company will demonstrate its depth of experience and long-standing support of OCP by showcasing new OCP offerings at the CPX Conference, including:

The Rackgo X v2, with the latest Open Rack v2 architecture. The Rackgo X Orv2  was unveiled at the OCP Summit earlier this year and offers a single bus bar design to achieve higher energy and cost efficiencies. This progressive design also has an optional management backplane to support the Intel® Rack Scale Architecture. Rackgo X v2 will be the world’s first Intel® Rack Scale Architecture solution based on the Open Compute Project community standards.
OCP-compliant 19” servers—Monterey and Carmel—let customers use Facebook platforms without transitioning to 21” servers. With a modified bridgeboard, QCT has turned the popular Yosemite architecture into an EIA-compatible system. Monterey is based on the Facebook Monolake uServer board, while Carmel is based on Facebook’s Leopard platform.


Software-defined Data Center Solutions

QCT offers several SDDC solutions, each comprising best-in-class software and  pre-validated and performance-optimized appliances. In the spotlight at CPX 2016 are:

QxStack Microsoft Edition, QCT Cloud-in-a-Box (QCB) solution, pre-integrated with Microsoft Cloud OS for simplified deployment. Providing over 40,000 IOPS network performance through RDMA Technology, the solution features a modular design with high scalability and high availability, offers centralized management with an Azure user experience, and is hybrid cloud ready with Windows Azure Pack.
QxStack powered by VMware EVO SDDC, a pre-configured, pre-integrated SDDC (software-defined datacenter) stack that enables customers to get an SDDC up and running in less than two hours. It also offers non-disruptive patching and upgrading, SDDC-wide capacity planning and integrated management of logical and physical resources.
Comprehensive QCT QxStor object and block storage solutions, featuring petabyte-scale, software-defined storage for cloud builders. These storage solutions are optimized for throughput and cost/capacity workloads, in archival, rich media, or cloud infrastructure. They offer industry-leading density and performance with innovative QCT server platforms.


Data Center Networking Solutions

QCT offers high performance, high integration, and efficient management network platforms. At Computex, the company will demonstrate: .

QuantaMesh T7032-IX1, a new generation 100G data center Ethernet switch which provides up to 32 x 100G QSFP28 port configuration. T7032-IX1 can be positioned in the access layer for 100G server connections or in the aggregation layer to achieve hyperscale data center networking infrastructure. 

QuantaMesh T4048-IX2, a new generation 25G/100G data center ToR Ethernet switch which provides up to 48 x 25G SFP28 ports and 8 x 100G QSFP28 port configuration.  T4048-IX2 is positioned in the access layer for 25G server connections and integrates BMC module for users easy to monitor and do the remote troubleshooting of the data center networking. 
QuantaMesh T3024-P05, a powerful Ethernet switch for data center ToR deployment or enterprise aggregation purpose that provides up to 24 x 10G SFP+ and 2 x 40G QSFP port configuration.  T3024-P05 is designed in a compact size so that a 1U steel shelf can carry two units for networking redundancy applications. 


Also on Display

Other highlights of the QCT exhibit include:

The QuantaPlex S41T-2U is a game changing HPC server that reduces power consumption while delivering thrilling performance. Utilizing Intel’s latest Knights Landing infrastructure, a perfect union of CPU and add-on graphic card into a standalone server host processor, the QuantaPlex S41T-2U tackles the most demanding of workloads with the best performance per watt.
The QuantaPlex T21W-3U is a supercomputing powerhouse designed to revolutionize deep learning. Integrating Pascal GPU architecture with NVLink communications protocol to interconnect thousands of processing cores for unprecedented parallel computing that thrive at big data processing applications.
The flash optimized QuantaVault JB2720 is an all-flash device offering astonishing I/O performance in an ultra-dense 2U 72x SAS/SATA SSD array. The breakthrough architecture features a “no single-point-of-failure” design with dual paths, redundant components, fault-isolated protection and the capability to power on and off individual disks reduce energy consumption and lower OPEX.


“QCT and its parent, Quanta Computer, are longtime supporters of Computex, and each year we demonstrate innovations that drive the market forward,” said Mike Yang, president, QCT. “This year, we are showcasing a range of products that highlight the growing role QCT plays in powering the backbone of modern datacenters, innovations that make technologies like the internet of things, big data and cloud services a reality for innovative companies worldwide.”


About QCT

QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology) is a global datacenter solution provider extending the power of hyperscale datacenter design in standard and open SKUs to all datacenter customers. Product lines include servers, storage, network switches, integrated rack systems and cloud solutions. The parent of QCT is Quanta Computer, Inc., a Fortune Global 500 technology engineering and manufacturing company. More at http://www.QCT.io.





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