Quanta Cloud Technology Showcases AI Portfolio Options at GTC Europe
04 Oct. 2018

Solution provider continues to develop best-in-class AI platforms with the latest NVIDIA GPU technology


[Munich/Dusseldorf, October 4, 2018] Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), a global data center solution provider, is displaying its intelligent computing platforms, developed in collaboration with NVIDIA, at the GPU Technology Conference (GTC) Europe. The event is part of the world’s premier conference series focused on artificial intelligence (AI) as well as deep learning and its applications across many important fields.


QCT has previously participated at GTC in the Silicon Valley and announced its partnership regarding the NVIDIA HGX-2 cloud server platform at GTC Taiwan.  To showcase QCT’s solutions around AI, the company has incorporated the latest NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 Tensor Core GPUs connected by the NVIDIA NVSwitch™ high-speed interconnect fabric to enable AI training and inferencing.


“QCT is a cloud enabler committed to developing solutions for intelligent clouds. Due to the emerging trend of AI over the years, QCT has worked closely with NVIDIA to ensure our clients can benefit from the latest and greatest GPU technologies in the shortest amount of time,” said Mike Yang, President of QCT. “We are excited to enhance our GPU compute portfolio with this critical enabler for AI clouds.”


GPUs have augmented QCT's extensive array of accelerated computing platforms. QCT currently offers a full range of solutions in its portfolio that fit a broad spectrum of accelerated computing requirements including:


  • QuantaGrid D52G-4U, a part of the NVIDIA SCX-E3 class of GPU-Accelerated Server Platforms, is a powerful accelerated system supporting multiple different topologies optimized for different workloads. Available with 8x SXM2 module support or the PCIe form factor with support for up to 20 single-width accelerators.


  • QuantaGrid JG4080 is a companion model to the QuantaGrid D52G-4U and it is also part of the SCX-E3 class. It has the same great configurability, excluding the CPU sled. Available with SXM2 support or PCIe configurations, it allows connections to multiple hosts, providing flexibility to fine tune the setup for specific workloads.


QCT is also fully committed to the Open Compute Project (OCP), an open hardware initiative started by Facebook. So, the company has contributed multiple designs such as Big Basin and Big Sur optimized for AI/deep learning, inferencing, and training. 


QCT representatives will be available for questions and detailed information at Booth G04 in the ICM - International Congress Centre Munich for GTC Europe 2018, Germany starting October 9, where the latest QCT AI enabling technologies will be on display.


For more information on QCT’s GPU system product line, please visit www.QCT.io.


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