QCT and AUO Digitech Collaborated in Building a 5G Smart Factory
06 Sep. 2023

Taoyuan, Taiwan - September 6, 2023 - Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), a global data center and 5G solution provider, announced today that it has collaborated with AUO Digitech, a leading smart industrial service provider, in building a 5G smart factory for AUO Corporation, a renowned display panel manufacturer and the parent company of AUO Digitech. The two companies have integrated the QCT OmniPOD Enterprise 5G solution with high-resolution cameras and AI image recognition technology offered by AUO Digitech to achieve factory automation, enable AI applications, and create a safer workplace.

Featuring high-bandwidth and low latency, QCT OmniPOD Enterprise 5G solution connected end-devices with edge compute servers in this smart factory to enhance production efficiency and realize workplace safety applications. Connecting high-resolution cameras and AI image recognition technology with an enterprise 5G network allows the control center to receive real-time images in large volumes to realize monitoring for the purpose of safe working operations. Use cases include detecting whether factory staff’s attire meets safety regulations, and detecting whether any personnel has trespassed or fallen down in their working area, indicated by a virtual fence. Real-time alerts are then issued upon the detection of any trespassing or fall incidents to prevent further accidents from happening in the workplace.

With the advent of 5G comes a revolution in technical architectures. In this project, a centralized architecture was adopted to collect and transmit images taken by the high-resolution cameras to the edge servers for AI image recognition. Hence, the big image data generated from the cameras that AUO Digitech deployed widely in the first half of the production line and critical work areas can be processed faster with stronger compute capabilities, significantly enhancing detection efficiency.

“QCT as a pilot of Taiwan’s 5G industry ecosystem has been enabling digital transformation around the globe, deploying its OmniPOD Enterprise 5G solution in diverse verticals and accumulating various use cases,” said Mike Yang, President of QCT, “The collaboration with AUO Digitech strengthens QCT’s capabilities in integrating enterprise 5G with AI image recognition, and we look forward to developing more 5G AIoT applications in the next phase to accelerate the realization of Industry 4.0.”

“AUO Digitech is honored to work with QCT in building a smart factory for our parent company,” said Daniel Yang, General Manager of the Intelligent Service BG of AUO Group, “This collaboration will serve as a cornerstone for AUO Digitech in building future 5G AIoT smart manufacturing solutions, and we hope to transfer such successful experiences to other field sites and make AUO Digitech a world-leading digital transformation service provider in the area of smart manufacturing.”


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Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT) designs, manufactures, integrates and services cutting edge offerings for 5G Telco/Edge, AI/HPC, Cloud, and Enterprise infrastructure via its own global network. Product lines include hyper-converged and software-defined data center solutions as well as servers, storage, and network switches from 1U to entire racks with a diverse ecosystem of hardware components and software partners to fit a variety of business verticals and workload parameters. https://www.qct.io/


About AUO Digitech

AUO Digitech (hereinafter referred to as ADT) is a brand-new subsidiary of smart industrial services of AUO. Dedicated to smart manufacturing solutions and digital transformation services, ADT adopts AI in all aspects of manufacturing including workers, machines, materials, methods, and environments, providing services from top-level design to integrated software and hardware solutions for verticals to assist customers in their process of digital transformation. Website: https://www.auodigitech.com/en-global/


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