QCT Awarded With “The Most Innovative Cloud Based Project” by The Asset Magazine In Conjunction with E.SUN Bank and Microsoft
16 Mar. 2017

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(March 16, 2017 - TaoYuan, Taiwan) Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), a global datacenter solution provider, has won “The Most Innovative Cloud Based Project - Cloud Computing Development Program” award by The Asset Magazine for its Triple A Digital Awards 2016 in conjunction with E.SUN Bank and Microsoft on Mar., 15th, 2017. Over 30 financial institutions and financial companies participated in the award competition, and QCT, E.SUN Bank and Microsoft were the only ones from Taiwan to excel and jointly win this award.


QCT, in conjunction with E.SUN Bank and Microsoft were awarded for The Asset Triple A Digital Awards 2016 due to excelled performance in implementing a cloud computing development program for E.SUN Bank within five months and successfully reduced 47% of its purchasing cost and 83% of its manpower, according to The Asset.


Mike Yang, President of QCT, indicated “Most enterprise customers frequently encounter varieties of issues when deploying cloud environment, such as deployment and management complexity, security and long term operation cost considerations. QCT strives to deliver the most trusted and innovative converged solution.” Mr. Yang added “Considering global financial corporations’ strict business requirements, QCT team focuses on how to assist its financial customers in planning and deploying a consistent, efficient and innovative solution that can speed up cloud deployment, reduce operation cost, and boost overall operating efficiency. These benefits would enable our financial clients to gain its customers’ trust by providing better and quicker services.”


Wan-Li Hsieh, CIO of E.SUN Bank, stated “We are truly honored to receive this award with QCT and Microsoft. Cloud service is a critical technology trend. Its value stems from improving efficiency in development of IT services, management and utilization of IT resources. Banks highly value personal information protection and security. Through deploying and utilizing private cloud solution, banks can effectively build varieties of cloud services and features, introduce new financial services in real-time, increase information security, and create value for customers.”


QCT’s converged solution integrates compute, storage and networking technology, and carries Microsoft Hyper-V, System Center, and Microsoft PaaS. The one-stop-shop solution that QCT provides highly simplifies cloud deployment and management. These features have now become one critical consideration in future business operation. All .Net development and digital finance team aim at quickly adapting and providing instant services. Adopting Microsoft PaaS would further increase development capability and service quality. For instance, expanding containers is necessary for load balancing during rush hours and the teams must go through a complex set-up policy, which may prevent them from reacting timely. Moreover, every virtual machine’s policy must be consistent, which also lacks flexibility. In comparison, Microsoft’s PaaS leverages QCT’s converged infrastructure can actively alter resources and complete horizontal expansion within a day. This highly increases management efficiency.


QCT serves the world’s best-in-class cloud service providers, telecoms and enterprises running public, hybrid and private clouds, and will continue to collaborate with banks in Taiwan and the rest of the globe. QCT’s professional team is committed to help customers enhance their operations and management efficiency, gain sustainable cost advantage and maintain leadership in the race of technological innovations and digital financial services in banking industry.


(Photo shows representatives from QCT and E.SUN Bank to receive The Triple A Digital Awards 2016 by The Asset Magazine. From left to right: Jeff Ke, SVP of E.SUN Bank, Hong Kong Branch, and Samuel Tsai, Sr. Director of Business Development, QCT.)