QCT Brings New 2U Accelerator Server to Propel Parallel Computing
10 Apr. 2018


[San Jose, Calif., April 10, 2018] - Quanta Cloud Technology (QCT), a global data center solution provider, today announced a new optimized parallel computing platform that supports dual top-bin Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors, four dual-width GPU accelerators, 3TB of memory, and eight 3.5-inch hot swappable form factor drives.  These features make the QuantaGrid D52BV-2U a versatile platform for parallel computing-intensive applications such as VDI, HPC, and artificial intelligence (AI), deep learning, virtual reality, and more.

This new QCT 2U system conquers both thermal and mechanical challenges that are a result of common high performance CPUs and space-consuming GPUs for optimized performance.  The D52BV-2U can accommodate sufficient computing (two 28 core processors, 3TB of memory), accelerators (four 300 watt GPUs), and storage resources (80 Terabytes), which brings you a hardware package without any limitations to build either graphic-intensive or user-intensive VDI solutions. Furthermore, with the latest NVIDIA® Tesla® V100 GPUs, the D52BV-2U delivers 21.5 TFLOPS under LINPACK benchmarks, which shows the system’s strong real world scale-up efficiency to handle HPC workloads for computational tasks in oil & gas, finance, climate forecast, etc. Nevertheless, the D52BV-2U is also an ideal stack  to run your deep learning algorithms. Compared with existing 4xGPU servers, the D5BV-2U with its mid-range 5122 processor, can squeeze in the performance of four NVIDIA® Tesla® V100’s to provide extreme high throughput on popular deep learning models from AlexNet to more complicated ones like ResNet-50 to compare existing 4xGPU servers (see image1 below).

image1: AI Benchmarks of the QuantaGrid D52BV-2U on common convolutional neural networks


For more information on QCT’s GPU system product line please visit www.qct.io.


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