Open Compute Pioneer QCT Brings New Products, Innovations to OCP Summit
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09 Mar. 2016

Open Compute Pioneer QCT Brings New Products, Innovations to OCP Summit

New Rackgo X-RSA for Intel® Rack Scale Architecture to be unveiled alongside refreshed Rackgo X lineup—designed with latest Open Rack v2 standard—and OCP-compliant 19” servers

SAN JOSE, Calif. — March 9, 2016 — QCT (Quanta Cloud Technology), advanced hardware and integrated systems provider to cloud datacenters worldwide, has prepared an array of new datacenter offerings for the Open Compute Project (OCP) U.S. Summit on March 9-10 in San Jose, Calif.

News Facts
•    Six new OCP products on display in the QCT booth, C4.
•    Two speaking presentations will showcase innovations in OCP from QCT.
•    A live demo in the Intel booth of the QCT Rackgo X-RSA for Intel® Rack Scale Architecture.

QCT, an early and avid supporter of the Open Compute Project and Facebook collaborator on early standards, offers the industry’s broadest lineup of OCP-compliant products. The company will demonstrate its depth of experience and long-standing support of OCP by showcasing new OCP offerings at the Summit, including its Open Rack v2 architecture, the Rackgo X-RSA rack and 19” OCP-compliant servers.

First, additions to the QCT Rackgo X solution lineup will be on display. QCT will show its refreshed Rackgo X lineup, designed with the latest Open Rack v2 standard. This 43OU (Open Unit) rack frame has a single bus bar design to achieve higher energy and cost efficiencies. Also on display will be a selection of Rackgo X “building blocks.” Four Open Rack v2-compatible product offerings for cloud service providers and large enterprise datacenters will be in the QCT booth:

•    Rackgo X Big Sur is the world’s first Open Rack compatible GPU server. It supports up to eight GPU cards and is ideal for deep learning and artificial intelligence applications.
•    Rackgo X Yosemite Valley facilitates datacenter transformation by putting the Intel® Xeon® processor D-1500 product family in a high-density, 2OU/12-node architecture that offers significant performance-per-watt improvement. 
•    Rackgo X Leopard Cave is a 2OU/3-node compute server based on the Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2600 v4 product family. It can configure multi-workload appliances with a flexible design. QCT will showcase Leopard Cave supporting the latest 25Gbps networking mezzanine cards from multiple partners.
•    Rackgo X F06D v2 is an Open Rack v2 compatible server, based on the popular Rackgo X F06D. With 32-bays of storage in a 2U4N system and a modular design, the unit offers flexibility and scalability.

Visit our product information page for more information on the new Rackgo X Big Sur, Yosemite Valley, Leopard Cave, and F06D v2.

Second, QCT will demonstrate the Rackgo X-RSA, its early product based on Intel® Rack Scale Architecture. Rackgo X-RSA is the world’s first Intel® Rack Scale Architecture solution based on the 21” Open Rack v2 standard. QCT and Intel collaborated on the product development. In a live demo in the Intel booth, visitors can see the OpenStack / Intel ® Rack Scale Architecture (Assets, Composition, Assembly).

Finally, QCT will feature its OCP-compliant 19” servers—Monterey and Carmel—which enable customers to use Facebook platforms without having to transition to 21” servers. With a modified bridgeboard, QCT has turned the popular Yosemite architecture into an EIA-compatible system. Monterey is a 2U8N configuration based on the Facebook Monolake uServer board. Carmel, which comes in 2U2N and 2U4N configurations, is based on Facebook’s Leopard platform.

QCT’s Speaking Sessions
QCT experts will deliver a 10-minute presentation about the QCT contributions to OCP engineering and vision. The presentation will be on the Expo Hall stage on Day 2 (March 10) at 9:20 am. QCT will exhibit in booth C4.

QCT will also host one engineering workshop and participate in another to give more detailed information about the Big Sur and 19” OCP-compliant servers. The first, on Big Sur, features an OCP GP-GPU Server. It takes place on Day 2 (March 10) at 10:30 am. The second, on OCP adoption of the 19” EIA architecture, happens on Day 2 (March 10) at 2:00 pm

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