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Optimal Integrated Ceph Solutions at Petabyte Scale
  • QCT QxStor Red Hat Ceph Storage Edition provides SDS solutions for both private and public clouds—each optimized for different workloads and budgets. QCT and Red Hat Ceph Storage offer mature interfaces for enterprise block and object storage, making it well suited for archival, rich media, and cloud infrastructure workloads like OpenStack.
Build A Modern HyperScale Storage Infrastructure Using QCT Platforms
  • ScaleIO software defined storage provides server-based SAN from local application server storage to deliver elastic and scalable performance and capacity on demand
AWS S3-Compatible, Enterprise-grade Storage at 1¢/GB A Month
  • QCT-Cloudian HyperStore® appliance provides the most scalable end-to-end easy-to-implement Object Storage solutions the market has to offer